Virtual Exhibition

Spring 2020


Appreciate the little things of life! In this virtual exhibition I’m presenting to you my current work with regard to the Corona-time.

The sun is deeply shining into my studio. It’s empty since I have packed my works for the recent exhibition. Best time for searching in my stock, looking for treasuries and inspiration in my collection of various materials in numerous boxes.

Stacks of home textiles from inheritances stored in my studio for long time. Presents with history – presented histories. These archives are filled with traces. They are waiting to be opened and researched. These hidden and invisible matters are challenging me.

Revealing veils – quite a textile theme

There are towels with monogram. Who did they belong to? I discover unused, washed-out and threadbare pieces, even some are excellently mended.

Transparency and condensed structures, these are my artistic themes!

I will mend textiles like in the old days. That resides in my mind for quite some time. Mending preserves value. It is a sustained and meditative process. I’ll condense the presence with the past. I’m giving a second, future life and a new significant meaning to the textile pieces.

Amazingly, mending requires a lot of energy and concentration. Mending needs the interaction of hand, eyes and machine. I act and react intensely. The sewing machine and the textile materials counteract until the crack of thread and needle.
An intense communication evolves between thread, density of stitches, my thoughts and the fabric.

Here you see a collection of little treasuries. They conserve time, energy and thoughts. The miniatures arise from intensive moments, sewed and condensed with passion.

PRECIOSITIES for backpadelling – powerfull moments

You may show these PRECIOSITIES single, dual or combine several objects, directly pinned on the wall or framed in a box.

If you are interested in these works, please contact me (
Your purchase will help me to get through this existencially difficult Corona-time.

Currently a little show of selected pieces of the PRECIOSITIES can be viewed in the window of my studio.

You are welcome!